Hello, mr. Shirtless Old Spice Guy…

15 Jul

There’s an ancient American fragrance called Old Spice. I’ve never smelled it, but in my mind it was labelled “old-fashioned”, “cheap” and “stench”. Yes, I say was labelled, because recently, I’ve developed an unquenchable desire for an Old Spice guy. The Old Spice guy, to be precise. As featured in the ad below, with swan dive and all.

Luckily, this mr. Shirtless Old Spice Guy is a real sport, reaching out to His numerous fans (of whom I’m the greatest, of course) through the internet. On Twitter and Facebook, He addresses us personally.

(meaningful silence)

Yes, personally.

The only thing you have to do, is send Him a tweet or post a comment on His Facebook page, and He’ll send you a personal video message via Youtube (where you can also leave your message).

Easy, isn’t it? An example:

Jsbeals was anxious to ask his girlfriend to marry him, so he requested Him to propose for him. And He did!

Another one: a fan wondered if He attended University. And yes, He did!

In short, His Royal Shirtlessness is a true philathropist. He does so much for the community, taking His shirt off and sensually addressing each and every one of us from His bathroom. Actually, I didn’t want to bring Him to everybody’s attention, because I want to keep this phil-ANNE-thropist all for myself. But that would be going against His philanthropist principles. Ah well, at least I got my own shirtless voicemail. So, here He is – click – posted. Enjoy.

UPDATE: His Royal Shirtlessness has left the building! In this video, he announces his resignation as Bringer of Personal Video Messages. His philanthropist endeavour was short, but incredible. Boy, did we enjoy!


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